We take pride in our cleanliness of the spa!

Cleanliness is key to creating a healthy spa environment. We outsource our laundry for sanitary precautions and commercial grade sanitation. We also use hospital grade cleaners without harsh smells as well as an air purifier (Vollara Air & SurfacePro) that kills pathogens, bacteria, mold and viruses using NASA technology. At night we set the air purifier to a sanitation mode when no one is in the building.
For more information on our purifier, check out this video. www.safeairvideoshort.com
If you are interested in joining as an associate under Allison Hendrix or just purchasing one, go to our website and order. www.vollara.com/TTAB


Sickness Policy

We request that our clients don’t come in sick and we will not come in sick as well, thus we can protect each other. If you are not feeling well, please call to reschedule your appointment ASAP and we will see you when you are feeling better!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! We really have thought about it all when it comes to protecting you and our staff.