As an Aesthetician, I love my job. It was not my first job, most likely my 4th or 5th job but it is the best one ever. I love watching my client’s skin change before my eyes. I was fortunate to start my career back in 2013 with the greatest equipment, the HydraFacial MD., Elite. Little did I know I was going to change not only the health of my client’s skin, but my very own. Yes, it is all about healthy skin. Prior to becoming an Aesthetician, I suffered from Rosacea. I took several prescription medicines, however, my skin never changed. I started getting the HydraFacial’s, weekly, then monthly and my skin is the healthiest it has ever been. I therefore, highly recommend the HydraFacial to all my clients, looking to change the health of their skin. It does it all, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates with antioxidants. It is great for all skin types, all ages, men and women. I offer the traditional facials, using natural enzymes and different peptides to enhance your skin. I specialize in TAMA, a Microcurrent exercise treatment that is lifting and tightening of your facial muscles naturally.

We have recently added another non-invasive facial treatment, a E2 Machine, a Sublime and Sublative Treatment which is a Bi-Polar Radio/heat frequency to improve your skin from scarring, wrinkles and aging. This is also good for all skin types and takes your skin up to the next level.

We purchased the bio-mats which are filled with amethyst crystals and infrared heat for our tables to give that extra experience while receiving your treatments. We both are CRT practitioners, which just takes a few minutes to help align your body. The CRT helps release your stress and resets your body back in balance, to start the natural way to healing.

I would love to treat your skin and help you look your best naturally. Healthy skin is beautiful skin today, tomorrow and beyond!


Certifications and Licenses:

Licensed Aesthetician FB 9745753 Jan. 2013

HydraFacial, MD., Elite Certified Specialist Jan. 2013

HydroPeptide Certified Specialist 2013

TAMA Blue Onyx Specialist 2015

CRT Practitioner 2015

Skinaide Professional 2020

Candela E2 Sublime and Sublative Specialist 2021

Alastin Skin Care Product Specialist 2021


A little about me personally:

I am a wife, mother and a Nana to 5 of my greatest joys, my grandchildren. My oldest daughter Ashleigh lives in St Augustine with her family and we are always looking at times to enjoy more time together. Allison, my youngest daughter, a licensed Massage Therapist lives here with her family and is my business partner. We love working together and always are looking at ways we can introduce our clients to natural, non-invasive treatments to improve their health and well-being.