Jenn SchulerJenn graduated from Florida School of Massage located in Gainesville, FL. She was trained in a variety of modalities; however, she thrived in connective tissue, neuromuscular, and energy therapies. Jenn specializes in therapeutic massage and prenatal massage, with additional certifications in hot stones, pre/post-natal, reiki, integral sound healing, crystal healing, and personal training.

She is a firm believer that body, mind, and spirit wellness are interconnected. Her style focuses to facilitate healing, not just to provide a temporary escape from the daily routine, but to promote a holistic, long-term lifestyle change.

Jenn started her journey of holistic health in 2010 with meditation and exercise. Then, dove more into therapeutic essential oils, crystal healing as well as sound healing therapies. Before enrolling in massage school, Jenn was the director of administration for the nation’s largest oxygen repair facility. She always had a love for helping others and wasn’t feeling she was meeting her potential. After an injury training for that year’s Spartan Trifecta races, Jenn fell in love with massage therapy.

Jenn has worked in chiropractic and spa settings, her own practice, and even here at Therapeutic Touch since 2022 providing couples massages with Allison, before joining full time.

She states, “When you prioritize self-care, you unleash a sense of inner peace that can positively affect all aspects of your life, giving you more energy and clarity.

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management, or overall wellness, massage therapy, movement, and other holistic therapies are a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.”

“The most divine art is that of healing: it must occupy itself with the soul as much as the body.”
– Pythagoras, 5th century, BCE


Certifications and Licenses:

License #: MA98660